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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Web Application Scanners benchmark

As a security expert i was looking for web application security scanners benchmark. One day, during beer night with my friend Shay Chen(another security expert :-)), i asked him if he knows about such research and he told me that he is planning to publish such kind of benchmark very soon.
It was worthwhile to wait for his comprehensive benchmark of web application scanners that can be found here http://www.sectoolmarket.com

The following comparisons are covered in this benchmark:

  • List of Tested Scanners
  • General Features Comparison
  • Audit Features Comparison
  • Complimentary Features Comparison
  • Input Vector Support
  • Coverage Features Comparison
  • Authentication Features Comparison
  • SQLi Detection Accuracy
  • RXSS Detection Accuracy
  • It is obvious that such benchmark that indicates the advantages/disadvantages of each scanner, can help the security community to choose the appropriate scanner according to their needs.
    Good work Shay!